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We are here for your newborn baby – preterm or term in our Clinic for Neonatology.

The majority of our patients are preterm babies, some require  treatment in intensive care. Other small patients have developed enough so they don’t need to be in our neonatal intensive care unit anymore, but cannot be discharched from hospital yet.

It is one  of our main priorities to include you as parents in the treatment and care of your children before they leave the neonatal ward. This is how we want to prepare you for the daily challenges at home with your newborn. You will have the option to be with your baby – day and night. We support preterm babies to drink on their own and to maintain their body temperature.

In any regard, we are always close and open for your questions.

Perinatalzentrum Südhessen Level 1 – this is the name of our Clinic

Our Clinic for Neonatology, which is run by the Children’s Clinic Prinzessin Margaret in Darmstadt, is integrated into Klinikum Darmstadt and in close proximity to the delivery rooms and the maternity clinic so that we can guarantee direct and gentle treatment of our neonatal patients.

This is how we can maintain professional and safe treatment – even in the most challenging situations.

The proximity to our colleagues of the maternity clinic and the close cooperation of our clinics gives us the possibilities to offer patient management  as a level 1 perinatal centre. This guarantees you and your baby care at the highest professional level in germany, meaning a team of highly specialized doctors and nurses are working for your baby 24/7.

Our scope for treatment is wide, spanning from prenatal consultations with expecting parents over  specialized treatment of children and mothers with inflammatory disease up to maximal intensive care support of extreme preterm and sick term newborns.

Our wards are equipped with newest technical devices to guarantee  modern options for diagnosis and treatment. We have at least 1 specialized doctor for neonatal care and numerous specialized nurses on duty – day or night. This ist how we can provide fort the special   needs of up to  42 babies with  the possibility for intensive care support of up to 12 babies.

Our close proximity to the delivery rooms gives us the advantage to be there for your baby with the first breath and stressful transfers to the ward can be avoided

Our goal ist a holistic treatment approach: this is how we want to make sure your baby can have a development that is unimpaired from the challenges of early illness or prematurity.